We have Methodist values at the heart of everything we do. That’s why you can trust that we can provide peace of mind for you and your Methodist community.

Who are we

Operating for the wellbeing of the Methodist Church and Methodist charitable causes, Methodist Insurance is the largest insurer of Methodist Churches and property in the UK. (Please note that we are unable to offer new business or renewal in the Republic of Ireland after 1 March 2020).

Our unique relationship with the Methodist Church and the strong partnership we have built up with its associated organisations helps us to better understand your activities and requirements, so we can provide tailor-made policies to protect what matters to you most.

What we do

We are proud of the professional service we have given since 1872 and our knowledgeable and experienced staff are always happy to deal with any queries you may have. 

Our insurance policies can cover a range of property, people and activities for Methodist churches:

Giving back to the Methodist community

We are a Public Limited Company owned by shareholders and independent of the Methodist Church but we operate like a mutual by running our business in a way that reflects our Christian values and by returning most of our profits back to our community. Methodist Insurance has given a significant financial contribution to the Methodist Connexion with grants in excess of £11.8m being allocated over the last five years. Read more about our grants scheme.

You can help us to support the Methodist community by choosing Methodist Insurance  investing your trust in us to look after your church, home, community group or charity is an investment in your local community.

Our history

Our story begins as a response to the consequences of the industrial revolution when fire was a more prominent threat and the cost of repairing/rebuilding a church would have been a major challenge to the mainly working-class congregations.

  • 1872
    The Wesleyan Methodist Trust Assurance Company Limited was founded, with offices in Manchester, a city which has been our home ever since, never moving more than a quarter of a mile from our original premises.
  • 1907
    The Worker’s Compensation Act introduced the principle that workers could automatically claim compensation from their employees for occupational accidents. Ours was one of the first companies to open an accident department dedicated to issuing Worker’s Compensation policies.
  • 1914-1918
    During World War I, the company was among a select group appointed as an approved office to act as agents for the Government Scheme of Aircraft and Bombardment insurance. The very first claim involved a house in Croydon belonging to a government minister where windows were smashed in a Zeppelin raid.
  • 1920
    Insurance business was being placed with the company by a growing number of churches in Ireland and this was when we started to forge the strong ties with the Irish Methodist Church that continue to this day.
  • 1932-1933
    There were three branches of British Methodism at this time and upon bring them together, the three insurance companies were also amalgamated, taking the name of The Methodist Insurance Company Limited.
  • 1972
    We celebrated our centenary year, here is a picture of the Methodist Board at the time.

View profiles of our current board members.


The company continues to serve the needs of the Methodist Church and beyond by improving and expanding our range of policies to meet the unique and diverse challenges that the Christian community faces in the 21st century. 

We offer comprehensive guidance and insurance protection for initiatives as diverse as night shelters, foodbanks, empty churches, changes in regulation, changes in society, safeguarding, Churches Together, Local Ecumenical Partnership (LEP), community outreach, legal expenses, trustees responsibilities and restoration works.